TO LET IT all sink in

Relaxation & Fun

ENDLESS options, one style 

The intimate atmosphere of the thermal baths, the lively atmosphere of the beaches or the energising atmosphere of the adventure parks. From Cola in Limone sul Garda to the Adventure park in Barbarano, there are many opportunities not to be missed during a stay on Lake Garda. After detoxing yourself of all worries, round off the day with an aperitif overlooking the lake, bathed in the golden light of a stunning Garda sunset.


The spas of Lake Garda are a feather in the cap for the whole region, synonymous with health and well-being, as the ancient Romans knew well. Visiting a spa on Lake Garda is certainly a special gift, whether for someone else or for yourself.

Each more beautiful than the next

Discovering the ideal beach to spend the perfect day lulled by the sound of the water, kissed by the golden sun, lying in sweet relaxation or engaged in a beach volleyball tournament: the beaches of Lake Garda have it all.
Adventure Parks

Adventure Parks

The Garda adventure parks are the perfect destinations for exciting experiences with the whole family. An invitation to fun and adventure in complete safety. 
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