Toscolano Maderno

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Monte Pizzocolo is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Lake Garda area. A rewarding route for fit, experienced cyclists! Park near the bridge (0.0 km) of the Gardesana Occidentale road that passes over the Toscolano stream and immediately start cycling uphill towards Montemaderno, on a pleasant road offering panoramic views. Continue in the direction of San Michele (6.6 km, 400 m asl) and, having passed the hamlets of Maclino, Bezzuglio and Supiane, turn right out of the village onto via Val di Sur, where you can your first glimpse of the summit of Monte Pizzocolo. Follow the asphalt road, which turns into a paved road at the signpost (9 km, 430 m asl) for Pirello (12, 7 km, 1030 m asl), which you reach after a demanding ascent through the forest. The steep slopes continue, however, but with the addition of beautiful views, up to the Passo Spino (14.5 km, 1,184 m asl), with the Pirlo refuge in view to your left, a short distance away from which refreshments are available. Turning instead to the right, follow the signs for path no. 287 to Monte Pizzocolo (18.5 km, 1584 m), which you reach after another 4 km of uphill track, offering stunning views that make it worthwhile. This brings you to the most incredible vantage point over Lake Garda. A well-deserved rest before tackling the long descent: for the first 2.7 km, you simply descent the road you came up on, then, at the fork in the road at Le Prade (21 km, 1,321 m asl), follow path no. 223 to Sant'Urbano (23.9 km, 872 m asl), which you reach shortly afterwards. A long and steep descent (path no. 206) to be taken with caution passes the viewpoint of the Croce di Ortello and leads to the villages of Sanico, Vigole and then Maclino, where a couple of kilometres of descent lead back to the bridge over the Toscolano stream.

Route info
32,4 km
Activity time
5 h 00 min
Highest point
1.584 m
Safety guidelines

Make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment and clothes for excursions according to the season. Check the weather forecast the day before your trip and verify that the track is open on the day you choose. During the excursion do not deviate from the signalled path, respect the highway code and the environment, do not leave your waste along the path. The viability of the routes may not necessarily coincide with the indications, it needs to be verified permanently and periodically on the ground. The Author declines any responsibility for any accidents or damages that may occur on the proposed routes. 

Single emergency call number: 112

Punto di partenza

Toscolano Maderno, ponte sul torrente Toscolano, 85 m slm

public transportation

Toscolano Maderno can be reached by bus ( and by boat with Navigazione Lago di Garda (

How to get there

Toscolano Maderno can be reached from upper Garda or lower Garda by driving along the Gardesana Occidentale (SS45bis). Parking is available near the bridge over the Toscolano stream.

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